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Offer healthy, safe food and quality assurance in all production processes, from the source to the consumer's table.


To be an innovative group and a national reference in the production of high quality food, with high production capacity and a modern production park, focused on food security, sustainable growth and state-of-the-art technologies.



Focus on productive excellence to offer our consumers products of maximum quality and that meet the most rigorous requirements and strictly aligned with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Production Practices (GPP).


Be correct in actions, honest in conduct and true in words, always concerned with cultivating trusting relationships with customers, employees, quota holders, partners and society.


Permanently seek to provide an excellent service to everyone we relate to, always offering a differentiated service.

Owner’s attitude

To be committed to the Group's perpetuity, maintaining the mentality of those who want to see Katayama prosper, ensuring stability, profit, growth and the good of the organization as a whole.


Ensure that the products are made without risks to public health, present uniform standards of identity and quality, meet the relevant national and international laws.


Strictly respect the existing biosecurity program as a way to prevent, control and limit the exposure of birds to disease-causing agents, thus ensuring animal welfare and food security for consumers.


Maintain the commitment to sustainability in all its spheres: social and economic through actions that can contribute to the social improvement of the most vulnerable communities; maintain the economic sustainability of the business, preserving jobs; and environmental, collaborating for the preservation of the environment, through the rational use of natural resources, avoiding waste of water and energy; performing waste management in a sustainable manner, preserving the areas of permanent environmental protection within the facilities.

Katayama Alimentos pursues its environmental, social and economic sustainability, ensuring quality, productivity and competitiveness in the market. Respecting the environment and makes the following commitments:

  • Preservation of permanent protection areas within all company plants, including our farms.

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws, regulatory standards and other requirements subscribed by the Organization relating to environmental aspects;

  • Avoid waste of water and energy;

  • Conduct waste management in a manner that converges with the concepts of reduction and recycling.

  • Maintain communication channels with stakeholders about environmental, social, products and services aspects;

  • Undertake composting process, which gives a correct destination to the waste produced by the birds and turns them into organic fertilizer.


Katayama Alimentos is a company committed to producing and selling high quality food, ensuring safety from the origin to the consumer's table.


To ensure the quality and safety of our products, we rely on strict control of our entire production process, which guarantees the production of safe food for the health of the consumer. Compliance with hygiene and safety standards, as well as the recording of information on raw materials, packaging, processes, analysis and inspections of finished products, are crucial points to ensure the quality of the products commercialization and to maintain the quality standard. All batches are traceable to ensure procedural safety and product reliability. The quality of Katayama Foods products and processes is constantly audited by the Ministry of Agriculture, domestic and foreign customers and certifying companies, which audit all process steps that guarantees the quality, safety and health of our products.

Biosecurity is defined as a set of technical conceptual, operational and structural procedures that aim to prevent or control the contamination of poultry flocks, by agents of infectious diseases that may have an impact on the productivity of these flocks and also on the health of consumers.

A biosecurity program consists of a set of measures and procedures for the health care of the team, applied in all stages of creation, interacting with the various sectors that make up the production system. (JAENISCH, 2004).

A biosecurity program has rules that aim to reduce and control pathogenic challenges in the production centers, through cleaning and hygiene of the breeding environment, sanitary break, vaccination program, etc. (ANDREATTI FILHO & PATRÍCIO, 2004).

The control of diseases is done through the correct use of measures, which aims to prevent the onset of diseases, protecting animals and public health. Thus, biosecurity has become an absolutely primordial and essential technology for the survival of technified holdings.

The ideal location of the farm is very important. It should be far from other poultry farms, reducing the risk of any possible contamination

The geographical position of the sheds must be carefully analyzed, being in a quiet location and away from other poultry farms (to avoid the spread of pathogens). It is necessary to know the prevailing wind direction, to be protected by natural and physical barriers that reduce the risk of contamination between units and stress for animals.

Considering the degrees of contamination, the following areas must be delimited: the clean area includes access corridors to the nuclei, through which feed, animals and equipment are transported and the dirty area, which comprises the outside of the farm and exit access of the cores.

Visits need to be restricted and monitored, all people, vehicles, machines and equipment entering the farm, must pass through the central support area and follow all disinfection procedures.

Uniforms and work clothes must be color-coded to help control employee traffic between animal farms or sheds of different age groups.

The sanitary break must be carried out during the period in which the facility remains empty after cleaning, followed by disinfection, an indispensable component to achieve efficiency.

Biosecurity Programme

Katayama Foods follows with great responsibility and commitment all stages of the biosafety program, which led to the achievement of the seal of antibiotic-free eggs.

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